About me & the concept?

Hi beautiful people,

I’m Emylia a single mom of two children & a graphic designer since 2008. I know what it is to have a tight budget and wishing to have all of those beautiful stuff that we all see! But we are not necessarily all able to pay for all of these. I decided to put my skills and me love sharing for free together and create a community of printables DIY projects. My goal in the back of this it’s to help people!

If I can put a smile on just one person it will make my day.

The concept is really simple, you will found a “Tip Jar” in the sidebar of every website made by The Addiction Community. ONLY if you can donate (Really not an obligation) you will help The Addiction Community to make this project bigger and bigger every day and you will help the others to have it all for free.

I know that we are all able to support each others to make this huge project become reality for everyone.

THANK YOU to be part of this crazy project. 

Believe in yourself & everything is possible

One of my favorite quote!